Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Infrared Saunas

I recently came across the website East Coast Saunas. This is company based in the USA selling infrared saunas. The use of infrared saunas, according to their website www.eastcoastsaunas.com, has many therapeutic benefits. Among the many benefits, listed on their website www.eastcoastsaunas.com, are:

a) Pain Relief
b) Detoxification
c) Weight Loss
d) Cardiovascular benefits

With increasing interest in natural therapies, infrared saunas seem to be a great way to good health.However, some care needs to be exercised as infrared saunas are not recommended during pregnancy, for some joint conditions and are contraindicated for specific types of medication.The East Coast Saunas website has more information for those who are interested in the contraindications.

I wonder how long it will be for such a product to be available in India? Is anyone aware of a similar product being available locally?