Tuesday, January 26, 2010

India : The next twenty

India became Republic on 26th January, 1950
For the people of India, this was perfect to the t,
They got a say,
To aye or nay,
Nuclear state, spiritual capital and no.1 by 2020.

India became Republic on the 26th January,1950,
Religious intolerance makes it sometimes "rifty"
No religious thrift
Let's not drift
Broadminded views 'll power the NIFTY - 50.

India became Republic on 26th January, 1950,
In years 60, a power to reckon as you can see,
2010 to China is Krugman say
Or India if the divine has it's way
Not divine decree but hard work 'll make India a marquee.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

SRK : "The love of her life"

Is there anyone who’s revised DDLJ more often,
I bet Vandu’s record of this is certain,
She dreamt of SRK
While he jus made hay
As photo shows, t’s no longer when, she scored ten on ten.

(Thanks for the limerick, Mausaji :)
SRK and I gave you a meaty topic
below is my take on the incident)

I met the love of my life
Sadly he has a wife
I am still reeling after that kiss
But relieved that i am a Miss
Or else I would have suffered moral strife!

Glad you are thoughtful of  the  wife,
Thoughts don't cross your mind to induce strife!
'Ts been done before
Stories are folklore
Today 'ts one tomorrow another, such's life!


Oh, is it SRK with Vandana?
She mus’ ‘ve broken into ‘Dan-Da-na’!
He does nothin’ free
Charges heavy fee;
Was the guy offered at least one anna?


Offering an Anna would be insult,
SRK is not ordinary but a cult,
She tripped*
He lipped
She’s adult, without consult anything could result.

*Pun intended


Friday, January 8, 2010

Conversations Odd

It began here(11:36 AM Jan 3rd from web ) with Siddharth penning the first limerick on twitter:

U don't need 2 fret/
though 140 chars r all u r let/
mind u,
TINAR/but tl;dr/
is 1 thing you can 4get

Wntd he wrt a unqe limrck,
Cme up wit ida of twitrck,
Lxry of 140 chr
Relsd t fb actrs
Hs potntl to becme d nxt trending topc

rramxx@dongleboy (3:59 PM Jan 5th from web in reply to dongleboy)
Hr cms ireprsbl Dglboy
‘Mg otrs,Twtg gvs hm trmds joy
Combd Lmrk
2 mk it lk slck
Wt he dd – bth cmprhnsly destroy!

(This in regular English)
Ref the ‘Limerick’ sent by Twitter, here it is English:

Here comes irrepressible Dongleboy
‘Mong others, Tweeting gives him tremendous joy
Combined Limerick
To make it look slick
What he did – both comprehensively destroy!

(Sent: 05 January 2010 19:01
To: 'R Ramamurthy'; 'Siddu'; 'Jaimini')
Dongleboy got reply from rramxx,
For once the criticism was excess,
Twitterick wasn’t bad
Only it didn’t add
One more chance will make it a success.

Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2010 7:22 PM
To: bharatrram@gmail.com; 'Siddu'; 'Jaimini')
Now you’re getting the hang (of it) Brram,
If not $, will win at leas’ ten clam;
Quick ‘n really fast
(Till fervour does last);
But make the last line to exclaim ‘Hey Ram’.

Sent: 05 January 2010 19:59
To: 'R Ramamurthy'; 'Siddu'; 'Jaimini')
Must say that I ain’t doing it for the clam
‘Twas only to come to the aid of Srram
Give him a back pat
Save from your ra-ta-ta-t
All first attempts looks like one from the pram

Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2010 8:57 PM
To: bharatrram@gmail.com; 'Siddu'; 'Jaimini'
Methinks you now can from the pram clamber off
Can see the steps of a (newly born) calf;
Go on ‘ith it,
Collect rhymes kit -
Obvious word for the last line made me laugh!

Sent: 05 January 2010 21:13
To: 'R Ramamurthy'; 'Siddu'; 'Jaimini'
The white flag calls a truce,
If this goes on will do a Bruce
Let’s now stop
Or Rama ‘ll hop
On another occasion put this knowledge to use

Ok, you’ve now finally called it a truce
after we’d a rollicking Limerick cruise;
You’ve got it right
3rd and 4th’re bright;
But my grouse: all have escaped without any bruise.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Attempting Limericks* in the New Year

Learning fundamental rules of limerick
Correctly without distorting gimmick
From an expert
Topics won't hurt
Irish may call it a state secret leak.

*Know more about limericks