Sunday, June 26, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 - A user review

After a little over 2 weeks of using the new Samsung Galaxy S2 - I got it on day (-1) after haranguing the Samsung distribution system from Korea to India,- my review is as under:

First, this phone is all that it claims to be. Since the phone has been glorified all over the web, let me share the downsides of the S2 - of which there is not a pixel on the web:

- Screen Size: At 4.3 inches, the screen is a tad too large for one hand use. You need to use both hands to hold and type. I resisted buying the iphone 4 and waited for the S2. But here,I admit,the iphone 4 is better sized for one hand use. However, if you ignore the size of the screen for ease of use - the screen is brilliant.

- Battery: The battery is a monster 1650 mAh. However, if you are continously on the GPRS, expect the battery to be battered in 8 hours even with the screen brightness set to 30%. Also, it takes over 3 1/2 hours to charge from 0 to 100%. With wifi instead of GPRS, the battery may last for about 10 hours. Only with the GPRS off and with periodic wifi usage, the battery may last for about 18 hours. The phone is sexy but its battery is no Duracell bunny!

- Full Stop : The period button is next to the settings button.You'll often bring up the settings screen even when all you wish to do is to key in a full stop. Even with a lot of practice, I cannot seem to be able to put a full stop to keying in the settings button inadvertently.Period.

- Slippery as an eel: The battery charge may slip out quickly but the device itself is slippier.Hold tight if you don't want the phone to discharge from your hands. It'll break your heart.

- Mailer Daemon: If you have been using a Blackberry, be prepared to unlearn the way you handled email. Email handing is very good but very different - from the way Blackberry handles mail. It takes some time getting used to it. Overall, the speed of receiving mails, even with push settings, is a marginally slower than with the Blackberry.

There are a lot of tips and tricks which you need to learn to get the most out of the S2 and its Gingerbread OS. Some of these tips and tricks, which are not mine, are here: