Friday, August 20, 2010

WW III - No cover, No succour

The commanders of the Allied force still don't know what's hit them.There is disarray in their ranks. The Allies took their first hit in WW III at 29°59' N latitude 90° 15' W longitude*. 80% of the city was completely destroyed.1,836 people lost their lives.$ 80 billion worth property was damaged.

Site of the first hit in WW III
Barely had the Allies started recovering from this attack that they were attacked the second time. This second attack - a stealth attack cost the economy $ 61 billion. An estimated 5,000 people lost their lives in this attack. While the site of the attack(42° 55'N 106° 28 W'**)  has now been restored the scars still remain. 
Site of second attack - WW III
The Indian sub-continent which was only on the periphery of WW II is in the thick of the battle as part of the allied forces.The first attack in India took place at 34° 10' N 77° 40' E***. The attack on this region left over 200 people dead and over 1,000 people missing and many thousands homeless. The Axis forces used the deadly Jet Stream+ technology to cause untold misery to the people of this region. This weapon was earlier used by the Axis forces to imperil the lives of 14 million people in the region surrounding 34°02'N latitude 71°37'E longitude****.

The Jetstream technology of the Axis forces is so advanced that all scientific advancement in the Allied countries can't even decipher the exact nature of this technology. There are rumors that the Axis, in order to gain a comprehensive advantage over the Allied have used technology borrowed from aliens.

Site of third attack - WW III

The Axis forces have relentlessly attacked several key locations in other part of the world. As a result of these attacks in Russia, 30% of the nations crops have been destroyed. Some of the country's airports had to be closed as a result of these attacks. Pollution levels have doubled in some cities leading to abnormally high deaths due to lung disorders.

The ferocity of these attack have left the Allies shattered. It appears that they have no choice but to surrender to the Axis, unconditionally. It is reliably learnt that the Axis have agreed to stop aggressive attacks provided the Allies adhere to the following terms of surrender:

- Planting a tree: A single tree can absorb about a ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.
- Switching to green power : Use power through solar or wind sources where available
- Using fresh food instead of frozen : Frozen food consumes 10 times the energy of fresh foods.
- Car-pooling : Carpooling 2 days a week can reduce carbon emission by 1,590 pounds a year.
- Supporting local produce :  Buying locally produced food and thus saving on energy taken to transport food
  across the country or the world.
- Not leaving appliances on standby mode : A television switched off using the remote keeps consuming 40%    of the power consumed when "on". Using the switch on the television and other devices to switch off power   when not in use.
- Choosing products which are not highly packaged: Buying refill packs when possible. There is less waste when you buy products which are not highly packaged.
- Checking tyre pressure : Checking the tyre pressure of your car. Proper tyre inflation can improve mileage by over 3%.
- Use washing machines and dishwashers only with full load : A less than full load wastes water, detergent and other resources. Also, not setting the temperature to high. This is since modern detergents work well at low temperatures too.
- Encouraging others to conserve: Sharing information on the various methods of conservation and prevention of global warming with others.

The Axis have warned the Allies that a non-conformity with the above will invoke more debilitating attack on planet earth. They have also warned that the Weather War weapons experienced by the denizens of Earth are just some of the less potent weapons in the armoury of the Axis. It is reported that the Axis gave a demo of their Solar Tsunami weapon on the 4th August, 2010.

In the event of the Allies not meeting all the terms of surrender the Axis have threatened to launch a full scale offensive commencing from the 21st December, 2012.

Let's all join hands to prevent the Weather War.

* New Orleans, USA. Hurricane Katrina, one of the 5 most powerful hurriance in the history of the USA struck New Orleans in 1985. Even 5 years later several thousands of displaced residents are still living in trailers.
** Drought and extreme heat along the great plains in the USA (in the vicinity of the Yellowstone National Park) which lead to crop failure and the death of over 5,000 people due to the heat in the year 1988.
*** The cloudburst over Leh, India killing over 200 and leaving thousands homeless.
**** 14 million people hit in Pakistan due to torrential rains.
+ Jet Stream : The deadly new weapon