Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reader's caustic comment for the post : Sarkar Hato,Daam Ghatao..

Diwakaraiah N J said for the post: Sarkar Hatao,Daam Ghatao Ke Slogan Se Voters Ko Patao
I have no doubt, that the initial reaction of every visitor here would be same as yours, for I also felt what you say is right !. However, lets look little deeper into the issue to understand why they are doing this.

1. In a democratic set up, the opposition party is equally important and has a responsibility to create awareness among the public on issues concerning public in general. I am sure you agree this is one of the grave concerns – and L K Advani has a role to play as well !!. If not, imagine, the public, the fourth estate screaming – “ Opposition is hand-n-glove with ruling party, not doing what it is supposed to be doing”.

2. It is true that the rising prices has its roots spread across the globe and just not India. The policies of the ruling party or the present Government can impact marginally and not fully. These sort of Dharnas and demonstrations, will awake the Government to take those measure which can make little impact. I am not saying that the changes in export policy of Iron and steel and some more measures are the result of this Dharna – but the result is important.

3. As you rightly say – voters ko potao is also important – after all, the goal of every political party is to reach the pinnacle of powers !. This only reminds me the tamasha created by these stalwarts of Congress in the Delhi election some time back – worshipping onions and taking big sized onion proto-types on a vehicle as a “rath yatra”. Of course, this did yield them the desired result – ask Sheela dixit!!!.

Apart from the reasons listed – don’t you think converting agricultural lands into commercial complexes is one of the main reason for this as well !. It would be a great idea for some one to make a study and see – how much of agricultural lands have been converted in the last 5 years, during which Globalisation has impacted the lives of Indians. Look at the conversions that has taken place near metros like Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai – and we realize how much of agricultural crops had to pave way for multiplexes and malls. Who is going to create an awareness on this – I am not sure, this will be done by any political party including BJP !!!.

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