Friday, June 20, 2008

What if your doctor said, Oh Sh*t!?

They were not able to figure out the root cause of the Vertigo. Vertigo is when you go spinning even when you are not on a Ferris Wheel or a Merry-go-Round.Vertigo can be caused due to inner ear problems or due to problems with the brain.An attack of Vertigo causes involuntary movement of the eyes. I did not have any involuntary movement of the eyes.Yet, since I felt that I was always spinning, my trouble was diagnosed as Vertigo.

Over a period of two years I went from ENT specialists to Neurologists and Urologists in search of a cure. Though this happened over 20 years back, I still remember the cocktail of medicines that I took. Arlidine,Vertin and Stugeron over a period of several months. Nothing really worked.

One of the doctors, among the several I met, found that I had marginally elevated blood pressure and suggested I do an ultrasound of the Kidneys.Perhaps the Kidneys were responsible for the elevated blood pressure and the elevated blood pressure for the Vertigo. Of course, an earlier doctor had suggested a CT Scan of the brain. The CT Scan report was squeaky clean (i.e. i had a brain and nothing else in the brain!).It is, of course, another story that the nurse on duty did not believe that I was the one on whom the scan had to be done and that I had turned up without a chaperon.

Coming back to the day of the CT Scan of the Kidneys.The doctor ran the scanner over my abdomen.A little later, during the course of the scan, he said,Oh Sh*t!I thought,Oh Sh*t!.I hope all's well with my kidneys.With blood completely drained from my face, I feebly asked the doctor:

Me : Doctor,what's wrong?
Doctor : It isn't working.
Me : My kidneys?
Doctor : Your kidneys?
Doctor : No, the scanner.

Oh Sh*t!

Thank God.

PS: For the record, Dr.Batra's Homeopathy fixed my Vertigo completely.
PPS:This is not to endorse Dr.Batra's Clinic or even Homeopathy. I am not a doctor.Description of Vertigo, above, are as were experienced by me and may not be an accurate description of Vertigo or its symptoms.


Anonymous said...

I thought the doctor found s**t through the scan - not the kidneys!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to imagine the scene, by picturising the situation in my mind !! - Looking back and imagining this, your expression at that point of time would have been a goalpost for a most trained bollywood actor in the situation !!!.