Thursday, July 23, 2009

Go for the Gold

Gold prices have been sluggish in recent times. However, with the amount of extra liquidity that has been put into circulation in the last 12 months, it is expected that gold will regain its shine when the extra liquidity results in higher inflation rates.Some estimate that gold will hit $ 1,600/ounce (Rs.28,200/tola(10grams)) in the next 12 months.

Experts advise that,depending upon your appetite for risk, about 5% of your investments must be in gold. Gold can take the form of gold coins, gold bricks or gold certificates. Of these, gold coins and gold certificates are the easiest to invest in. Gold coins are available with your local jeweller with a Hallmark of purity from Bureau of Indian Standards.

For a detailed explanation on why the price of gold will raise, read this narration on Gold Coin Gains.Gold Coin Gains is an online site for buying and selling gold. Gold Coin Gains also has interesting information on the history of gold coins in India.

It is estimated that India has the largest private stock of gold in the world.Indians are prolific gold buyers. Therefore, a .in version of a site like Gold Coin Gains may do very well and will make it easier for people to buy gold in the form of gold coins or gold bullion.

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