Monday, August 17, 2009

Dr. Venkatakrishnan & Bovine Mastitis

Dr.R.Venkatakrishnan retired as a professor from the Veterinary College, Chennai, India. Upon retirement,he developed numerous products for animal health and welfare. Recently, he developed a way to detect Bovine Mastitis much before the clinical symptoms of the disease showed up.Bovine Mastitis is a bacterial disease which affects dairy cows and significantly affects milk production.It has a negative financial impact on dairy farmers.

By developing a simple and inexpensive kit for the early detection and treatment of Bovine Mastitis, Dr. Venkatakrishnan has provided an simple way for farmers to preserve the health of their cows and minimize their financial losses from this disease.

This Bovine Mastitis kit is one among the many inventions of Dr.Venkatakrishnan - several of which are patented. Some of these are also acknowledged by the Lemelson Foundation, USA.

Dr.Venkatakrishnan's forte in in formulating and inventing unique products for Bovine and Equine creatures. Marketing is not his forte. If the market for veterinary products was as well developed in India, as in the USA, or if there was a well developed chain of stores for veterinary supplies he would have retired, by now, from his post retirement activities.

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