Monday, September 14, 2009

Announcement for Jet Airways crew

"Good morning ladies & gentlemen.This is an announcement from the passenger cabin. Crew may please pay attention. Passengers of Jet Airways welcome aboard the crew on 9W-allflights. As you have cleared the air about the turbulence you caused,the seat belt sign has switched off. However, for your own safety and for the safety and comfort of the ground crew of Jet Airways, you are requested stay fastened to your current negotiated position till the company reaches cruising altitude.More information on your heading will be announced in the next quarterly result. On account of your Karma,passengers of Jet Airways will do everything possible to increase your PLF. In the meanwhile, please do not sit back ,relax or switch on the autopilot - you have a long way to go re-earn our trust."

1 comment:

R Ramamurthy said...

Good one. You could have added a sentence on air sickness and using a bag for the same insead of spilling on others!