Friday, December 25, 2009

2009 - If You Are Not Virtual You Are Not Real

T'was before the end of the cold war,
The world wide web was only the doing of the KGB
Beyond this my vision did not cover,
T'was the era of the 486 when the ram was not counted in GB.

T'was the era where few knew about googol and none about google,
Here Sabeer was not even a hot male,
One could only ogle or toggle
Only a few could send an email.

T'was the era of letters,
People had the time to play bridge,
Families had the time for each other,they kept together without wi-fi fetters,
Life was not about walking on a narrow time ridge.

A decade hence t's a different time,
With twitter, facebook, orkut and linkedin,
Who you are is not worth a dime if you're not online,
No matter if the netizen's worthwhile or a bumpkin.

Online is devouring our time,
We log to connect to people behind a veil,
Thinking that paying attention to who're close is a crime,
The world thinks only those who are virtual are real.