Sunday, July 11, 2010

The World Cup Finals : Beyond Paul

Paul, the Octopus, has already spoken, er.. predicted Spain's victory over Netherlands. For Paul's sake, I hope Spain wins the finals. If not, the Spanish may do what the Germans only threatened to do - have Paul for dinner.

My analysis of the finals is as under:
Date of Match : 11th July, 2010 which is the compound number 12 and the single number 3.
Time of Match: 20.30 hours which reduces to the Vedic number 5
Netherlands: Totals to the compound number 42 and the single number 6. Six is the Vedic number for Venus - the planet for beauty and arts.
Spain: Totals to the compound number 18 and the single number 9. Nine is the Vedic number for Mars.
Johannesburg: The city where the finals will be played totals up to 9. Again the number of Mars, which is the same as the number for Spain. Great chemistry here!

The captain of Netherlands is Giovanni Van Bronckhorst. This totals to the compound number 11 and the single number 2. The Spanish captain is Iker Casillas whose name totals to the compound number 10 and the single number 1.

The single number for the date of the match - 3 is in harmony with both 6 (the single number for Netherlands ) and 9 (the single number for Spain). This indicates that both teams are evenly poised with respect to the date of the match.

The Vedic single number 5 (time of match 20.30 hrs) represents Mercury. In Vedic astrology Mercury is friendly with Venus ( 6 is the number for Venus - the single number for Netherlands). Mercury (5 from the time of the match) is the enemy of Mars ( Mars is no.9 - the single number for Spain). Thus, here, Netherlands has a marginal advantage over Spain.

The match is scheduled to begin at 20.30 hours which is the period of Moon with the sub-period of Mercury (beginning at 20.20 hours and ending at 20.32 hours). Moon ( the period at the commencement of the match) has a neutral relationship with both Mars and Venus. This places both teams on an equal footing.

Spain totals to 9 (Mars). The place of the match, Johannesburg also totals to the number 9. This places Spain in a powerful position to win the game.

The Captain of the Netherlands is Giovanni Van Bronckhorst whose compound name number, 11, represents a lion muzzled - a person who will have difficulty. Bronckhorst's date of birth number is also the compound number 11 (5th February,1975) making it doubly difficult for him to win this match. The Spanish captain's name compound number is 10 which is symbolized (in the Tarot card system) by the Wheel of Fortune. It is a fortunate number for carrying out plans. This gives gives the Spanish team a big advantage over the Dutch.

Thus from the Vedic numerology perspective, Spain will win this match.

Let us now examine the game from the Vedic astrology charts:
The Rasi chart (Sign chart) for Spain is as under:

This chart been cast with Spain's creation taken as the 22nd November, 1975 - 12.24 pm at Madrid. This coincides with the ascension of King Juan Carlos to the throne. The Ascendant is Makara (Capricorn) at 10 degrees. 10, as mentioned earlier. symbolizes the Wheel of Fortune as also in tune with the Spanish captain's name compound number.

The Rasi chart for Netherlands is as under:

For the purpose of this chart, the creation of Netherlands has been taken as the 26th July,1581 at 12.00 hours at The Hague. The event was signing of the declaration of independence, on this date, by the State of the Union of Uterecht under the name of the United Provinces. The Ascendant (Lagna) of Netherlands, as per this chart is at 13 degree Virgo. 13 is the number of the warning of the unknown or the unexpected. It is not unfortunate but indicates a change of place and plans.

For Spain, the Lord of the Year is Shukra (Venus) which is powerful this year indicating success for Spain. For Netherlands, the Lord of the Year is Guru (Jupiter) which is moderately powerful, indicating moderate results.

Thus from an Vedic astrological view point too, it appears, that Spain is poised to lift the cup.

Spain may win this game by a margin of 2-0 with both the Spanish goals coming in the second half.

While it does appear that the stars favours a Spanish win, stars give way to great human effort. Efforts can overcome Karma.

May the Better Team Win!

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