Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

(The Secret Life of Walter Mitty taken from Timeless Short Stories for ISC class XI)

Q.Describe one of Walter Mitty's secret life and what triggered them.

A.Walter Mitty had several secret lives.These were:
1.The life of the Commander of a Navy Hydroplane.
2.A skilled surgeon who could not only perform complicated surgeries but also one who could repair medical equipment.
3.A boastful criminal (boastful of his shooting skills) on trial for killing Gregory Fitzhurst.
4.The pilot of a British bomber who undertakes a dangerous mission to destroy the enemy's ammunition dump.
5.As a tough prisoner who is not shaken even when being executed by a firing squad.

Walter Mitty's mundane life used to trigger off episodes of day-dreaming.Once, while driving his wife to the hairdresser - he lapsed into a day dream. He dreamt of himself as the commander of a eight-engine Navy Hydroplane.(A Hydroplane is a high speed craft which skims over the surface of water.)

In this episode of day-dreaming - Walter Mitty is attired as the commander of the Navy Hydroplane caught in a storm. He is portrayed as a tough no-nonsense commander completely in command of the situation.The entire crew of the hydroplane is afraid of the craft not being able to navigate through the storm.However,Walter Mitty's technical skills and determination sees the hydroplane successfully navigate through the storm.As the commander, he commands his crew increase speed and the power to the engines to get through the storm.In this episode,Walter Mitty is not only seen to be a good leader of men but also a skilled navigator and an expert technician.

This episode was triggered off by Walter Mitty's driving - while taking his wife to the hairdresser.

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