Monday, May 25, 2009

A lawyer to wed & a lawyer even after you are dead

You may have his word for it. However,his word doesn't mean much unless his words are in deed. A deed is a signed and sealed legal instrument, in writing, used to grant a right.With society becoming very litigious the importance of understanding the legality of matters cannot be overlooked.

While doing an assignment,I did a search on the reasons you would need the services of a lawyer - even if you are law abiding. Some of these reasons are (source:
1. Real Estate buying or selling.
2. At birth (birth certificate) and at death (death certificate)
3. Medical malpractice
4. Divorce
5. Traffic violation
6. Immigration
7. Patent protection
8. Company law
9. Defamation
10.Estate Planning

So, if you need legal help do you go straight to a lawyer? You may, but which one? The Legal Service Network - Central Jersey suggests that you need a lawyer to select a lawyer. It is like your GP recommending you to a specialist.

So, the next time you seek legal help ask a specialist to recommend a specialist.If you are in Central Jersey then log on to

Finally,what's a note on law without a disclaimer.Information contained on this page is not intended as legal advice. Readers are advised to make appropriate enquiries for verifying any claims that may have been made above.

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