Friday, May 1, 2009

Not for nothing do we say Namaste

The H1N1, aka the Swine flu virus, is on a foreign tour. The countries in its list reads like it has been in(flu)enced by the foreign holiday packages being offered by Indian tour operators, this summer. Mexico, USA, Canada, Switzerland,New Zealand,England,Germany,Spain Austria...

The unwanted visitor - H1N1

Like us, the H1NI likes cold and dry weather. Cold weather helps it survive outside the body because that droplet particle takes longer to evaporate and remains airborne for a longer period.

In 1918-19 the Spanish flu pandemic killed 50 million people. It started in the spring of 1918. It hit a speed-breaker only when the weather turned hotter. In the more recent past the H5N1 (the bird flu virus) met it nemesis when it encountered hot Asian climes.

This time around, the Swine flu has got its timing wrong. Most countries are at their hottest best. This may help stop the global spread.

Swine Flu - No laughing matter

Of course, the Indian body is used to a continuous assault from a variety of known and unknown pathogens all the while. Therefore,our WBC are being continuously trained and are in a state of readiness to give "eeth ka jawab pathar se".

On a more serious note, the following precautions are necessary to prevent the spread of the Swine flu virus:
a)Cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing. Wash your hands thereafter.
b)An infected person is most prone to transmit the virus during the fist 5 days of showing symptoms. Therefore, avoid meeting people if you suspect you have a visitor.
c)Don't share towels, mobile phones, writing instruments. The virus may be lurking there.
d)If unsure, don't shake hands.Say Namaste.

Finally, don't forget to thank god for making India a hot and humid country with a short winter. Without the long and hot summer,our poor sense of public hygiene,low levels of literacy,high level of poverty India would have been a sitting Duck (pun unintended) for any Swine.

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