Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fly with the freshest pilots in the skies - fly Air India

Dear Passenger, (You did not expect us to address you as Maharajah, did you?)

There is a brand new reason for you to fly Air India. Our pilots, after a 10 days of complete rest, are the freshest pilots in the Indian skies. While other airlines and pilots struggle to maintain their schedules in the face of Flight Duty Time Limitation, Air India pilots, periodically, take things into their own hands. This time, it was complete rest for the pilots for 10 days.

Therefore, the next time you take an Air India flight you will notice a cheerfulness in the announcement of our pilots - they are yearning to take-off, put the aircraft on auto-pilot, so that they may calculate the additional emoluments and perquisites they may get once the Justice Dharmadhikari report is out.

Also, Private Airlines have been going thru very turbulent financial times. A side objective our noble pilots (other than getting the required rest) was to improve the financial health of other airlines. We know that private airline doubled their fare while our pilots rested - there is nothing like a little extra contribution from you towards improving the health of ailing airlines.

We have already announced special fares for the next few days so that your may recover your generous contribution to the kitty of Private Airlines. With the taxpayer as our chief sponsor, we can afford to pay the pilots all the increases they seek and give you all the concessional fares you need.

As you may have already know, our cabin crew are also contemplating going on strike.If this happens, our planes will still fly (our pilots have been taken care of, as you know). You may, however, need to skip a meal on board. We'll,of course, suitably modify the fare to take care of the cost of the missing meal - money means nothing to us.

Till the next strike.

Air India Maharajah

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Oddyoddyo13 said...

Amazing: I never really realize how the individual facets of life work "behind the scenes". Thanks for an insight into this one. :)