Sunday, May 29, 2011

We regret to announce...

Indigo Airlines:" Indigo Airlines is pleased to announce the departure of 6E-001 at 17.00 hrs Indigo Standard Time - 5 minutes ahead of its scheduled departure at 1705 Indian Standard Time."
Jet Airways:" Jet Airways 9W-002 is pleased to announce its on-time departure at 17.05 hrs."
Kingfisher Airways:"We regret to inform you of a 10 minutes delay in the departure of IT-003. This delay is on account of the late arrival of the incoming aircraft due to air traffic congestion over Mumbai. You would appreciate that air traffic delays are beyond our control".
Air India:" Air India regrets to announce a 60 minutes delay in the departure of its flight AI-007.This delay is on account of the following reasons:
- late arrival of our VVIP passengers.
- delay in fueling the aircraft on account of late payment, to
Hindustan Petroleum, for fuel consumed in the past.
- Non availability of parking bays for our aircraft due to non-payment of dues to GMR towards airport parking slots.
Dinner is on the house for passengers affected by this delay.

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....Petty Witter said...

These could well be excuses given by our rail network operators. In the past trains having been delayed by leaves on the tracks and the 'wrong' type of rain fall causing problems with signals.