Friday, January 8, 2010

Conversations Odd

It began here(11:36 AM Jan 3rd from web ) with Siddharth penning the first limerick on twitter:

U don't need 2 fret/
though 140 chars r all u r let/
mind u,
TINAR/but tl;dr/
is 1 thing you can 4get

Wntd he wrt a unqe limrck,
Cme up wit ida of twitrck,
Lxry of 140 chr
Relsd t fb actrs
Hs potntl to becme d nxt trending topc

rramxx@dongleboy (3:59 PM Jan 5th from web in reply to dongleboy)
Hr cms ireprsbl Dglboy
‘Mg otrs,Twtg gvs hm trmds joy
Combd Lmrk
2 mk it lk slck
Wt he dd – bth cmprhnsly destroy!

(This in regular English)
Ref the ‘Limerick’ sent by Twitter, here it is English:

Here comes irrepressible Dongleboy
‘Mong others, Tweeting gives him tremendous joy
Combined Limerick
To make it look slick
What he did – both comprehensively destroy!

(Sent: 05 January 2010 19:01
To: 'R Ramamurthy'; 'Siddu'; 'Jaimini')
Dongleboy got reply from rramxx,
For once the criticism was excess,
Twitterick wasn’t bad
Only it didn’t add
One more chance will make it a success.

Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2010 7:22 PM
To:; 'Siddu'; 'Jaimini')
Now you’re getting the hang (of it) Brram,
If not $, will win at leas’ ten clam;
Quick ‘n really fast
(Till fervour does last);
But make the last line to exclaim ‘Hey Ram’.

Sent: 05 January 2010 19:59
To: 'R Ramamurthy'; 'Siddu'; 'Jaimini')
Must say that I ain’t doing it for the clam
‘Twas only to come to the aid of Srram
Give him a back pat
Save from your ra-ta-ta-t
All first attempts looks like one from the pram

Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2010 8:57 PM
To:; 'Siddu'; 'Jaimini'
Methinks you now can from the pram clamber off
Can see the steps of a (newly born) calf;
Go on ‘ith it,
Collect rhymes kit -
Obvious word for the last line made me laugh!

Sent: 05 January 2010 21:13
To: 'R Ramamurthy'; 'Siddu'; 'Jaimini'
The white flag calls a truce,
If this goes on will do a Bruce
Let’s now stop
Or Rama ‘ll hop
On another occasion put this knowledge to use

Ok, you’ve now finally called it a truce
after we’d a rollicking Limerick cruise;
You’ve got it right
3rd and 4th’re bright;
But my grouse: all have escaped without any bruise.

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