Sunday, January 17, 2010

SRK : "The love of her life"

Is there anyone who’s revised DDLJ more often,
I bet Vandu’s record of this is certain,
She dreamt of SRK
While he jus made hay
As photo shows, t’s no longer when, she scored ten on ten.

(Thanks for the limerick, Mausaji :)
SRK and I gave you a meaty topic
below is my take on the incident)

I met the love of my life
Sadly he has a wife
I am still reeling after that kiss
But relieved that i am a Miss
Or else I would have suffered moral strife!

Glad you are thoughtful of  the  wife,
Thoughts don't cross your mind to induce strife!
'Ts been done before
Stories are folklore
Today 'ts one tomorrow another, such's life!


Oh, is it SRK with Vandana?
She mus’ ‘ve broken into ‘Dan-Da-na’!
He does nothin’ free
Charges heavy fee;
Was the guy offered at least one anna?


Offering an Anna would be insult,
SRK is not ordinary but a cult,
She tripped*
He lipped
She’s adult, without consult anything could result.

*Pun intended


1 comment:

Vandana said...

thoroughly enjoyed the trail of limmerics!
will write one keeping the syllable count in mind!